The Cloud of Unknowing : exposition des doctorants

The Cloud of Unknowing. On Artistic Research, Love and Mysticism Deuxième exposition des doctorants en Art et sciences de l’art (ED20) de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

La Cambre, Hôtel van de Velde (29 Avenue F. Roosevelt – 1050 Bruxelles) 16 – 30 Janvier 2015

Journée d’étude: 22 Janvier 2015, 10h – 17h (Auditoire Stynen, 21 Abbaye de la Cambre)

Artistic research these days seems to be caught between two fires. On the one hand, it needs to comply with the existing academic (and often bureaucratic) framework in order to receive further validation, legitimation, funding, etc. On the other, it claims to always exceed this scientific knowledge and its institutional structure

Therefore, artistic research is faced with broader, more fundamental questions. Does it aspire to inscribe itself in our current cognitive-capitalist system, or does it want to generate a « free state” outside of it ? Are we dealing with double standards here, two forms of knowledge (artistic and scientific) that are incommensurable ? And how is this tension articulated in art education ? Art can be learnt, but can it really be taught ?

For this project, we will persistently use the cloud metaphor to deal with these issues. Point of departure is a late 14th-century anonymous mystical work titled The Cloud of Unknowing, a key text in the tradition of apophatic or negative theology. Its basic premise is that we cannot conceive of God in an intellectual way. God’s transcendental Being cannot be expressed in words or concepts. Divine contemplation can only be reached through an act of “longing love”. This split between love and intellect is also exemplary of the deontology and methodology of modern science.

Does ‘artistic research’ contain the same internal, oxymoronic tension between heart and reason ? Is knowledge being mystified through the concept of artistic research, or can the latter be considered as mystical in itself? Do we have to see its foggy nature as inherent to the knowledge it generates, or as a cloud cover we have to pierce through ?

Pieter Vermeulen

Avec : Paulo Alves, Michel Boisse, Aleksandra Chaushova,  Hannah De Corte, Teodora Cosman, Judith Duchêne,  Yogan Muller, Nikoo Nateghian, Qiong Zhao

Commissaire : Pieter Vermeulen


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Date(s) - 15/01/2015 - 30/01/2015
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La Cambre, Hôtel van de Velde (La Cambre, Hôtel van de Velde)
29 Avenue F. Roosevelt
1050 - Bruxelles


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