Artistic Research in the North – 2 au 17 novembre

Dans le cadre du projet de recherche artistique mené par Eleni Kamma et soutenu par l’asbl A/R et l’ArBA-ESA.

In November 2017, Artistic Research in the North presents the exhibition Dwell, Act, Transform and the symposium Thought Things. Researchers from the University of Groningen and Minerva Art Academy, together with international guests like Tim Ingold, approach artistic research as a form of research that interacts with the social, material and academic environments in which it occurs. Based on their shared perspectives, researchers collaborate across the boundaries of disciplines and institutions, searching for new research methods and ways of working.

In this invitation you can find information on the exhibition Dwell, Act, Transform and on the symposium Thought Things. Artistic Research in the North is a coproduction of the Research Centre Art & Society (Minerva Art Academy, Hanze University of Applied Sciences) and the Department History of Art + Architecture (University of Groningen).

Participating artists-researchers
Eleni Kamma, Herman van Hoogdalem, Andrea Stultiens, Marit Westerhuis, Kevin Perrin, Kimball Holth, Michiel Westbeek, Frederiek Bennema, Rob van Haren, Jip de Beer, Cora Jongsma

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