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- Executive Master Food Design - EN

The aim of this Executive Master in Food Design is to propose to all students interested in culinary, art and design topics to increase and extend their knowledge.

For that purpose, we gather the know-how and the experiences of Chefs, Designers, Artists, Foodstylists, Scientists with the aim to explore Food, Gastronomy, Design & Art in a well-rounded approach within the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels-Superior School of Arts.

Food becomes a source of research, creativity and expression. Executive Master Food Design's students will travel around the world of food in order to learn the customs, the habits, the significants, the codes, the everyday nature, the imperatives, the imponderables and, with the support of professional experts, to redraw new limits and to anticipate the future.

Thanks to the intervention of multidisciplinary contributors involved in culinary, design and art spheres and to the participation to numerous training courses and workshops, the students will be able to gain a totally innovative education promised to a successful future.

The integration of this Executive Master in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels / ESA besides granting a seriousness and prestigious international reputation (our school will celebrate in 2012 its 300 years!), will give the students a direct access to all kind of arts in which they will be able to realize all their culinary and design projects in a fulfilling way.

To refer to the distribution of the academic year in semesters, this Executive Master will begin January 2012 («Spring semester») and will be based on the schedule current in the Belgian High Schools (schedules & holidays).

This Executive Master will broach 4 fields of study : Art, Cooking & Gastronomy, Design and a variety of classes of general interest (history, anthropology, behavioral sciences, marketing, literature, communication, all of them in relation with food).

All informations about Executive Master Food design : Objectives, Participants, Teaching staff and school, Partnerships, Pedagogical Team, Informations, Admissions, Tuition and fees : http://www.masterfooddesign.be/en


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